converts, converting, converted
(The verb is pronounced [[t]kənvɜ͟ː(r)t[/t]]. The noun is pronounced [[t]kɒ̱nvɜː(r)t[/t]].)
1) V-ERG If one thing is converted or converts into another, it is changed into a different form.

[be V-ed into/to n] The signal will be converted into digital code.

[V n into/to n] ...naturally occurring substances which the body can convert into vitamins.

[V into/to n] ...a table that converts into an ironing board.

2) VERB If someone converts a room or building, they alter it in order to use it for a different purpose.

[V n] By converting the loft, they were able to have two extra bedrooms.

[V n into n] ...the entrepreneur who wants to convert County Hall into an hotel...

[V-ed] He is living in a converted barn.

3) VERB If you convert a vehicle or piece of equipment, you change it so that it can use a different fuel.

[V n to/into n] Save money by converting your car to unleaded...

[V n] The programme to convert every gas burner in Britain took 10 years.

4) VERB If you convert a quantity from one system of measurement to another, you calculate what the quantity is in the second system.

[V n prep] Converting metric measurements to U.S. equivalents is easy. [Also V n]

5) V-ERG If someone converts you, they persuade you to change your religious or political beliefs. You can also say that someone converts to a different religion.

[V n] If you try to convert him, you could find he just walks away...

[V n to n] He was a major influence in converting Godwin to political radicalism...

[V to n] He converted to Catholicism in 1917.

6) N-COUNT: oft N to n A convert is someone who has changed their religious or political beliefs.

She, too, was a convert to Roman Catholicism.

...a Muslim convert now known as Yusuf Islam.

7) VERB If someone converts you to something, they make you very enthusiastic about it.

[V n to n] He quickly converted me to the joys of cross-country skiing. [Also V n]

8) N-COUNT: usu N to n If you describe someone as a convert to something, you mean that they have recently become very enthusiastic about it.

As recent converts to vegetarianism and animal rights, they now live with a menagerie of stray animals.

9) to preach to the convertedsee preach

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